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As customers’ needs and behaviors are shifting really fast, adapting and keeping ahead of their expectations and market standards has never been more relevant and challenging. Businesses must constantly gear their products and services to provide tailored experiences, transforming and reshaping their strategies.

To do this, innovation is key. At AXA Partners, we help our business partners to take a fresh look at their business challenges in order to digitally embed services in their customer journey. With technology and agility as integral part of our creation process, we develop and provide reliable, seamless solutions that can be easily integrated into their own information systems. As a result, our business partners can propose the right service or protection at the right time in their customer journey.

Along with our co-creation approach with them, our data processing and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) and application programing interfaces (APIs) help us develop digital services and solutions to better protect and serve customers. In addition, being able to build the best tech solution in-house or in start-ups in our network, makes us particularly efficient. We develop smart, scalable, innovative services that adapt to ever-changing needs, new contexts and new technologies. Our main driver is to meet the expectations of our partners to design collaborative, custom solutions that are in line with what their customers expect.

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Leveraging Open Innovation with purpose

To stay ahead in this ultra-competitive world, you need to identifying customer needs and new technological uses. This means our business partners must innovate more quickly. In a nutshell, they can capitalize on the agility and innovation of start-ups with funding, support and a testing ground in return. This is what’s called the open innovation approach.
One of our best examples of open innovation is our partnership with ING bank. We brought our respective teams together in the same collaborative workspace in Paris to revolutionize customer experience in online banking and insurance. Together, we enabled the deployment of housing, mobility and the standard of living solutions in 5 countries.
For our end customers, we simplified access to more personalized insurance solutions, using a digital platform to optimizes the online experience. For our business partners, we adapted solutions to their customers quickly and efficiently.

Accelerating time-to market with seamless and “plug-and-play” solutions

With today’s fast-changing markets, you need innovative solutions to improve your value proposition and remain competitive. We have developed an API platform dedicated to the IT teams of our partners to allow them to easily integrate our solutions into their IT environment, that enables to :
- Test early, learn fast, adapt easily. APIs can create new services quickly and improve them.
- Create bespoke services based on the emerging needs of their customers.
- Enable collaboration and innovation across business and IT ecosystems.

Thanks to APIs, we connect seamlessly to our business partners’ information ecosystems. This way we help them generate more value to customer journeys as they are able to develop tailor-made services and protection solutions.

This approach allowed us to co-create the tailored solution for Accor, developed to provide worldwide safe travel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Within a month, our co-creation unit L’Atelier and Accor, designed a solution for Accor’s guests in the 5,100 hotels in 110 countries. Using a design thinking methodology, we balanced human needs with technological and economic viability.
This helped us formulate a compelling value proposition for medical assistance free of charge as part of Accor’s loyalty program. Now Accor’s customers can enjoy complete peace of mind worldwide, knowing they have access to AXA Partners’ 24/7 medical network and teleconsultation services.

Turning to AI for more secure, personalized and efficient customer journeys

Our continuous improvement with AI allows for the automation of repetitive tasks so we can focus more on assistance and support, in situations where customers need it most. Using AI, we can automatize tedious tasks and bring back more time and value to your customer support services.

The best example of this is Max, the 24/7 virtual assistant we created to assist clients after a car breakdown. Max provides them with a replacement car, answers all questions and books a taxi to go to a rental agency or garage. Communicating on whatever channel a customer prefers, (SMS, WhatsApp and soon, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram etc.), Max runs a human-like conversation and can understand the context. He gathers all information given by customers, uses constantly improved data base to provide the best possible answers and customers receive instant responses 24/7.

Donna che contatta assistenza con cellulare

In the 6 month-period we tested it, over 6,000 conversations have taken place and customers gave Max a spectacular NPS of +30 compared to those with no interaction. Even more impressive, Max now handles 75% of conversations by himself, handing over only the 25% more complex situations to a human agent.
This combination of human and digital value that capitalizes on each other’s strengths, helped us increase quality, improve customer experience and offer more rewarding work for employees.

Relying on advanced Data Analysis to anticipate and prevent customer’s pain points

Today customers are more willing to share their data for more personalized services. That’s why we’re building new models that better meet their needs and respect the privacy and security of their data. And with the Covid-19 global pandemic accelerating the need for more humanized care services, we know the importance of the human touch when it comes to shaping the services and solutions we provide.

Our blockchain-based solution used to fast-track unemployment payments in Sweden is a perfect example of what we created. We partnered with the Swedish Public Employment Service and blockchain startup Stratumn, in order to test and launch a blockchain powered solution to provide compensation rapidly and seamlessly in case of involuntary unemployment. Once clients make their initial unemployment declaration, payments are processed automatically without the need for repetitive forms. This cuts paperwork, reduces payment delays, avoids errors and fraud, and even lowers treatment costs.

Inji Charkani

Inji Charkani

Chief Innovation Officer, AXA Partners

Containing costs, accelerating efficiency thanks to new technologies whilst delivering superior customer service through best of human and best of machine is what drives us every day and we know it’s the way forward. We have a motto: Fail Fast or Scale Fast!

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